it’s the little things…

I absolutely love how making such small changes to any beauty look, hairstyle, or outfit can make such a big difference.

I honestly feel like we’ve all had one-too-many episodes of panicking about “not having anything to wear” with a closet full of clothes, having an “outfit repeat” too soon, or simply not having “enough time” to get ready. But all of this is so unnecessary, really, and can be avoided so easily!

For example: if you’re comfortable with your outfit, but you’re rocking a natural makeup look, you can instantly transform it into an evening look with a touch of eyeliner or a colourful lip (or both- I do it on the regular!) . Or, you’re feeling your makeup, but you think your outfit is too casual… See what you’re working with an go from there- If you’re wearing flats, change into some pumps or heeled sandals. Casual top? Throw on a blazer/cute jacket & accessorize… our options are endless, so there’s no need to get frustrated!

Here’s how we quickly changed up my beautiful sister(from another mister)’s look from daytime to “patio drinks with the girls”:



Here we dressed down her denim cuttoffs with a white oversized blazer, loafers, and gold accessories. Very girly, effortless, and chic for daytime.

Then all we did to switch her look into evening was take off the blazer and throw on some pumps…


How easy was that?!  Elegant, yet casual, and looks like a whole new outfit!


Here’s a similar look on myself, on the more casual side!

Here I’m rocking an oversized blazer, with a white scoop neck tank with cuttofs, and coral drivers…

Since my look is a bit more casual, I decided to keep on what I was wearing, and turn it into a more edgy look by simply throwing on heeled combat booties:



See how simple changing up these looks were? If you’re in a rush, or just aren’t in the mood to pick out a whole new outfit, think of what little things you can add, swap, or take off, and you’re golden!

Photos by : Parmida Elahi & Myself


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